When making a portrait I attempt to make emotional and physical representations of the body positioned in front of the lens. I attempt to create a type of exchange between the viewer and the body within the image, even if only momentarily. I hope to extend the viewer an opportunity to take this exchange back into the world, and engage with it with new perspectives in mind. My desire is to remain hopeful, and so I make portraits with hope within them. I desire to create a palpable sense of the truths that I (and we) live by. The works asks for a few things. One of them being to sincerely, honestly, and truthfully present to the world examples of the lives lived within each image. Each of these portraits was made as an extension of protection—for any and every black body lost within the cruelty of a broken world. Here, within this lens, we’re all safe.


I live and work within the Dallas, TX area.


email: cemuakhagbon@gmail.com